A must-do for every photographer

Almost every photographer, either professional or hobbyist worth his camera gear has been to Antelope Canyon just outside of Page Arizona or at some point in their lives they will go there to photograph the canyon’s beautiful colors and textures.

The process is somewhat twisted and really, when all is said and done, it cost more than it should and is a very harsh environment to use cameras and dust-sensitive equipment. You book a tour, one hour regular or a one and one half hour photography tour with a Native American guide, this takes care of your transportation from town to the canyon and the Native American land-use permit that is required. Regular people are not allowed to just wander onto this land unescorted, else we might get scalped or run off by some big Native American who believes the profits from escorting foreign tourists and stupid white Americans onto this sacred canyon will preserve the ways of the Native American or some such thing.

The whole thing is a beautiful wonder of mother nature that is wrapped in stupid tourists and ridiculous costs just to take a few photos. The tour guides will say some thing about the great beams of sunlight coming in from the top of the canyon and to show up better in your photos the tour guides will toss larges scoops of very fine sand into the air to highlight the light beams. This very, very fine sand dust will get into your sensitive photography equipment and cause great costs for repairs. This is only true for non-weather/dust sealed expensive photography equipment, in most cases your little point-and-shoot camera will deal with the dust very well, however expensive dSLRs and zoom lenses are soon full of grit and very fine dust.

In the end you can get some great photos, your camera will never be the some, but it’s fun to do at least once in your photographic journey through life.



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