Ted Nugent, “The Motor City Madman” comes to Phoenix, AZ

Concert photography is always one of the tough gigs to capture, as a photographer you are restricted to the first three songs of the headlining performer’s set, the lighting is very harsh i.e., one second the blue spotlight is on, and the next it is off. It’s very dark so you are shooting a high ISO’s and maximum aperture which can at times create razor-thin depth-of-field issues.

On the other hand, you get to combine your love for rock and roll with your love for photography, well at least for the first three songs.

I had always been a Nugent fan from the early days and have seen “Uncle Ted” several times in support of his “Cat Scratch Fever” album and “Weekend Warriors” album so this wasn’t the first I had seen Ted Nugent, just the first time I had photo credentials.

Stop writing and show some pictures . . .

Ted sported a solid body Gibson guitar for most of his set. I am more of a fan of the music and sound of his hollow body guitar work.

Click the more link to see, well you guessed it, MORE . . .

Mr. Nugent used one of those “head-gear” style mics and wore a cowboy hat for almost the entire shot, these two items combined together can cause photographer’s fits trying to lock focus on a persons eyes that are often shadowed by the hat and when you lock focus on the mic, which is just far enough from the persons face to ruin your focus and your shot.

There was an opening band named Val Halla that did a reasonable good job of warming up the crowd but didn’t have much of a lighting setup.

Some of the interactions between Val Halla and her other band members were interesting, but most of the time I had a hard time getting any shots with good eyes and emotions in the shot.

The other thing was that the lighting for Val Halla was all white spot lights, so the colors seem very stark and somewhat boring.

I really had a hard time getting good shots at this show, I don’t know if I was just having an off night or it was just a combination of the lighting/performers/venue/crowd or what.

It was fun to shoot and I love music, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Overall a fun time, but a tough shoot.

Even the “Motor City Madman’s” lighting seemed to be somewhat “simplistic” for the show.

The had smallish video screens on the sides of the venue so for this shot I got a side and a front view.

Getting good shots with Ted’s eyes was tough.

“Uncle Ted” was spouting off about all things political for most of the show.

The first three songs seemed to go quickly and I was trying to work fast.

I really liked some of these low-light shots.

Almost a silhouette type of thing with some of these.

Check the long hair, is that really Ted’s hair?

Tough to have a shot of Ted Nugent without including the guitar in the shot.

You just gotta love Ted Nugent!


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