Trying to get my landscape and nature on

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a landscape photographer, but after all how hard can it be? I mean landscapes don’t move much and you pretty much know what the lighting conditions are going to be at any given time of the day, so how hard could it be?

Well, it turns out it’s really, really hard to do very well.

On a recent vacation trip to beautiful California I took a rest day from my normal mountain biking vacation activities to try my hand at some nature and landscape photography. Below is just a small sample of what I got.

The changing color temperature of the light and fast fading sunlight made this shoot a bit of a challenge, but at least the landscapes didn’t move around.

See the rest of the story by clicking the more link.

I was getting some really cool reflections and there were tons of other photographers all over the place so I’m guessing everyone got lots of really great shots.

All those little black spots are brine flies, and the gulls would eat the brine flies like tasty little morsels of yummy fly goodness.

The gulls were watching over the proceedings with hungry anticipation.

The gulls would run back and forth gobbling up brine flies in a strange feeding dance that I just had to try to capture.

It was hard to get focus lock on the gulls because I had my focus-point set to small detail and it (the focus system) kept picking up the flies instead of the gulls.

This landscape and nature photography is tough, I’ll keep trying and hope to improve with each effort.


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