Street portrait project, well sort of . . .

I’ve seen the random stranger street portrait thing done by other photographers and have always wanted to try this, and as it turns out some other photographers in the local area wanted to do the same thing. The problem is they were doing it on a day when I was at a baseball game, bummer for me. So I tried to do something like it at the baseball game. I talked with some of the vendors that were working at the game and asked if I could take their picture, well some said sure and some said, “we are not allowed to have our pictures taken, we can take your picture, but they don’t want us to get our picture taken” I thought that was a bit of a strange response, but figured whatever, and moved on to another vendor.

Here is a few shots I got.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

I tried hand-holding my 580EX II and triggering it wirelessly, but that wasn’t working as I couldn’t hold the flash, change camera settings and aim the flash all at the at the same time, so I just put the flash on the camera’s hotshoe and shot ETTL II, and the results were not as bad as I thought they would be.

See more images by clicking on the more link.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

I think this guy was winking at me because I could use this little project to talk to attractive woman.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

For me this project was a little bit outside my comfort zone because I don’t feel that comfortable talking to people I don’t know and asking them if I can point my camera at them.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

Most of the people were cool with it and didn’t mind me struggling with my camera and flash settings to try to get a reasonable shot.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

This little project forced me to try to talk to people I don’t know and ask them if I could make a portrait of them, not the easiest thing for me to do.

Chase Field Vendor Portraits

I’m glad there are still some nice people out there that don’t freak out when a stranger with a camera tries to talk to them.

Thanks to all the people in the above photos, it was a fun little project.


One thought on “Street portrait project, well sort of . . .

  1. Awesome shots… I am an extremely amateur photog as well, and I would love to take some snaps of local people but have always been afraid of just going up to people I don’t know. Great job on being brave. You inspired me.

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