Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010 a few selects

I had fun at the Scottsdale Fashion Week runway shows, I really did. At times my fun was interrupted by photographers that were being absolute jerks and couldn’t play nice with others or drunk people wandering into places they shouldn’t be, but overall I spent most of the time working on my classic runway shooting and improving my skills.

I understand that with these low-level events the promoters will credential people with a variety of skill levels and equipment, and in most cases all we photographers have to do is work together so we can all get our shots . . .

. . . but hey, come on. I have no problems standing elbow to elbow with someone with a point and shoot camera, just as I have no problem standing elbow to elbow with someone with top of the line pro-level gear. We are all there to shoot the same thing and will most likely get relativity the same shot, but who cares, I mean that is going to be the case with just about any fashion show, correct?

I’m sorry, enough of my rantings. On to some images of pretty girls, um I mean women.

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

The classic runway walk, I was told to wait until the model has one foot in front of the other which gives a classic hour-glass shape as their feet cross over so all you have to do is put the focus point on the models faces/eyes and watch their feet for just the precise moment to click the shutter. Oh yea, like it’s that easy.

See more beautiful people by clicking on the more link.

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

I love the story in this image, both the models walking, the audience looking on at the beautiful fashions, the little girl trying to take a picture of mommy on the runway (at least I’m guessing it’s her mommy). I just think this is one of those kinds of images that draws the viewer in and asks them to walk around and check out all the things happening in there.

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

I remember some of the same models from last years show, not digging the shoes but this woman is very sexy, I’d love to use her for a bridal gown shoot I have in mind.

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

I just love how almost everyone in the audience is shooting video with their cell phones. I wonder how many thousands of terabytes of useless tiny videos are stored on servers at this very moment.

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010

Animal print just never goes out of style, and neither does fur, oh wait . . .

. . . fur is a bad thing, but what if it’s fake fur?

Hey look, a pretty girl!


4 thoughts on “Scottsdale Fashion Week 2010 a few selects

  1. I was wondering if you knew who the photographers were on Saturday night at the Collins College runway (not the main stage)?

    • I spent most of Sat. night in the main tent, but I know a few of the folks that shot that part of the show and I, myself grabbed a few frames from the Collins College runway on Sat. night. What is it you are looking for?

  2. I am trying ot find footage of The Local Talent runway show @ 9pm Saturday. I was one of the designers showing, and haven’t found anything.

    • Is there something specific you are looking for? A particular dress or model that would make it easy to identify your work?

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