NASCAR 2010, a look back at some of my favorite images

Some of the other photographer’s blogs that I follow post favorite images of the year or favorite sports images, so I thought I would go through some of my NASCAR images and pull out a few favorites. I don’t have a lot of experience shooting NASCAR, and I’ve only been able to shoot NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona, which means in some cases all my shots are going to be the same from year-to-year. After all, how many times can you walk around that same track and look for different images?

I have good days and bad days when shooting, on good days I manage to make some good images and on bad days I just get the same old shots or boring shots no matter how hard I try. I wish I could say that I always come back with the winners, but that just isn’t true. At any rate, here are some of my favorites from the year.

I’ll start this show with a little Kurt Busch sitting in his car waiting to take practice laps.

See the rest of the show by clicking the more link below.

NASCAR: APR 10 SUBWAY Fresh Fit 600 Sprint Cup Series Race

Show you a little Jeff Gordon in the afternoon sun.

How about if I show you a picture of Juan Pablo Montoya looking for a way around Tony Stewart.

Or Greg Biffle sitting in his car getting a little fuel.

NASCAR: APR 10 SUBWAY Fresh Fit 600 Sprint Cup Series Race

Ever wonder just how much madness and mayhem happens when the pits open and everyone comes in at the same time?

Kurt Busch again spitting out a little flame by letting off the gas going into turn one.

Dale Jr. destroyed his car and his crew put it back together with duct tape – the 200 mph race kind, but still duct tape – and the crew make a last-minute check before he heads back out on track.

Kasey Kahne always looks so young to me, I’m guessing he just got his learners permit about a week ago.

Looks like Juan Pablo found a way around Tony Stewart, but why is his hood buckled in from the air-pressure when his car is at speed?

The crews get all frantic trying to get the cars ready for practice and just hope to be fast right off the truck.

I asked one of Kyle Busch’s crew if he would get pissed if I stuck my lens in the window of his car and he said “he won’t flip you off or nothing” so I went for it.

I liked the afternoon sun and Scott Speed’s car trailing fire in this shot.

Here is a nice clean shot of Juan Pablo Montoya’s Target car in the afternoon sun.

I was trying some ultra-wide panning shots and this one of Kurt Busch came out nice.

I liked this shot of Tony Stewart’s Old Spice car sitting in the garage before the race.

And another decent panning shot, this time of Tony Stewart in his Old Spice car.

I think Juan Pablo doesn’t really like the media photographers taking his picture, he tends to treat us all like some sort of paparazzi or something.

Kyle Busch about to dive into the shadows of turn one.

Peaking into Jeff Gordon’s rear-view mirror as his crew makes adjustments to his car.

Ryan Newman wondering if he can repeat his last lap pass to win the race this time around.

Juan Pablo’s racing-red car in the garage.

Kurt Busch through the windshield.

Last, but not least Juan Pablo trying to explain to his engineer why he is the slowest guy out there.

Those are just a few of my favorites from the 2010 NASCAR season here in Arizona.


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