Press Room Portraits

There are a ton of other photographers out there so I try to set myself apart from the others by doing something different. I like shooting portraits of people in the interview room because you can sometimes get unique expressions and often times the portraits can make “larger-than-life” celebrities seem a tiny bit more human. Having now said that and posting my images here, I’m sure someone will copy my idea and everybody and their brothers will start shooting in the press room.

At any rate, here are some of my favorite press room portraits.

Arizona State Sun Devils basketball Ty Abbott.

See more press room portraits by clicking on the more link below.

University of Oregon Ducks Quarterback Darron Thomas gives an interview after the Tostitos BCS National Championship game.

Jimmie Johnson talks to media before qualifying for the Kobalt Tools 500 race on Nov 14, 2010.

University of Auburn Tigers Josh Bynes.

University of Auburn Tigers Head Coach Gene Chizik.

Can’t get away without getting a shot of University of Auburn Tigers Quarterback Cam Newton.

I might as well round out the BCS Championship game set with University of Oregon Ducks Cliff Harris.

Arizona State University basketball Head Coach Herb Sendek is no stranger to talking with the press so he has a lot of practice giving good expressions.

Some of Head Coach Herb Sendek’s expressions are better than others, but he always makes you feel good about his team.

Some of the post-game interviews have better lighting and sometimes I just don’t manage my flash very well.

Sometimes a member of the media will ask a really strange question and stink-eye is returned as in this shot of Danica Patrick before qualifying for the NASCAR Nationwide Series WYPALL 200.

Danica just has to lean back and think about the question before answering.

. . . And sometimes the media asks fun questions that just make Danica smile.

I think Jimmie Johnson’s razor broke.

. . . and he carries the same blank-expression throughout the entire interview.

Maybe some of the football guys will smile or change their expression like Oklahoma Sooners Ryan Broyles in post-game interviews after the 40th Annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Or how about Oklahoma Sooners Travis Lewis being all bad-ass and shit with his hat all sideways and gangster.


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