Portrait/Lifestyle session with model

I’ve got some basketball and some new-to-me golf to put up as well as some travel stuff but I will start with some off-camera flash and natural light model work.

Working with models is fun and always a learning experience for me. Portrait sessions include working with the models on posing, lighting and the ability to control the lighting with either strobes or small flashes and reflectors to just working with natural lighting. Portrait sessions are a great learning experience for me, and each time I work with a model I learn something new about triggering off-camera strobes, posing models, natural lighting, my camera and lens choice, as well as post-processing techniques and ways to improve my skills with all those things.

Lifestyle portrait session

We did this thing at the end with headphones, and maybe we should have worked on this first as it gives the model a chance to relax and act a little bit silly. The headphones aren’t really plugged into anything and I ask the model to imagine the music in their heads and groove out to it.

See more shots from the session by clicking the more link below.

Lifestyle portrait session

It’s fun for the model and fun for me because it gives me a chance to work on my lighting and light-modifier usage while the model is just kind of getting into the music that is playing in their heads.

Lifestyle portrait session

Here is a natural light shot. I need to practice my skin smoothing post-processing techniques (here I have not used any) Some people are really good at post on model’s skin, whereas I can ruin a good shot by either over-doing it or making it look really strange, so I tend to error on the side of caution and do as little as possible.

Lifestyle portrait session

I tried to shoot the model with the sun on her back but struggled with focus issues and lighting due to the fact I was shooting directly into the sun and only using my assistant with a reflector to light the front of the model. I think if I try a shot like this again I will do it much differently.

Lifestyle portrait session

I used the sun coming through the trees on this one and I think it gives the model’s skin a beautiful golden glow. In the end I think I improved a little bit and now have some ideas of things to do differently next time. I look forward to another one of these sessions.


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