Las Vegas strip travel photography or how I learned to stop worrying and love Sin City . . .

I’m not sure how to categorize these images, travel photography, urban landscape, architectural photography, commercial photography or just plain vacation snap-shots, but what I can tell you is there isn’t much to do on the Las Vegas strip when you don’t enjoy gambling and it’s raining.

I know a lot of these images would benefit from shooting them at dusk with some light still in the sky, well that can be very difficult when it’s cloudy or overcast or raining. I did the best I could with the given conditions, and when I had a chance to return home and spend a bit more time reviewing my images and thinking about things I could have done differently I managed to come up with a few ideas I could have and should have thought of for the rain.

Oh well, I guess that just means I will have return to sin city and try again.

Paris Las Vegas hotel and Casino with it's replica Eiffel Tower

Shooting from street level with all the cars rushing by and realizing the dynamic range of my camera’s digital sensor is not able to capture the highlights and shadow areas correctly exposed in one image just means I need to learn more about using several exposures to extend a camera’s digital sensor’s dynamic range. There is always HDR, not the “strange-looking” HDR but the HDR that allows you to extend a digital sensor’s dynamic range.

See more of Sin City by clicking on the more link below.

Paris Las Vegas hotel and Casino with it's replica Eiffel Tower

I love the motion-blur images of the people in this image, and that bright white spot up there is the moon. I wish it wasn’t cold and rainy so I could take the time to get several different exposures so you could see the details of the moon and the buildings and the inside of the casino and I could combine them all into one image.

Paris Las Vegas hotel and Casino

I couldn’t seem to find a spot where I could get a good, clean shot of this mini Arch de Triumph. I think this is the best image I captured.

Bellagio resort in Las Vegas

I was having similar lighting issues with the Bellagio resort and the fountains needing different exposures for the Hotel and fountain water show lights. My hands were very cold and it was raining on and off so I didn’t take the time to work through the task of combining several exposures which seems to be what is required to get the postcard images I wanted.

Bellagio resort in Las Vegas

I found that if I exposed for the buildings I could get a decent looking image, but as soon as the fountain show started, the lights on the fountains were over exposed and lacked detail.

The Caesars Palace resort includes a replica of Trevi Fountain

Maybe switching locations will give me a fresh perspective and allow me to get the shots I want? Well, maybe not. I just seem to be struggling with my photography on this trip, I’ll keep trying and see if I can work through some of my issues.

The Caesars Palace resort includes a replica of Trevi Fountain

The lights on this fountain change color every few minutes, and the changing lights can require different exposures.

The Caesars Palace resort includes a replica of Trevi Fountain

The red color lights make the water look less-than-appealing and are somewhat darker than some of the others.

Fremont Street Experience

I tried checking out the Fremont Street Experience and some of the vintage neon, but half of the neon was not in use or not functioning and I just couldn’t get the angles I wanted.

Fremont Street Experience

This is one of the few neon signs I could get a clean shot with an uncluttered-background of, and most of it seemed to be working.

Fremont Street Experience

I know there are better images to be captured of this stuff, I just don’t have time to wait for it to stop raining and work the channels to get access to a higher vantage point for the proper angles to make the postcard style images, so I guess I will just have to do my best.

Maybe focus on some more abstract images and see what I can come up with.

I like the, I don’t know if they have much value or commercial application, but I like them.

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