Thoughts on seeing the value of a photograph . . .

This is a bit of a philosophical post, and to some degree a bit of a rant so if you just want to look at pictures you should stop reading now.

There are times when people see my photographs and say, “hey those are cool pictures, email me copies” or “can you send me those” and sadly I have to respond and decline their “free picture” requests. Many people don’t understand the reasons why I would rather not give away free pictures and I believe this lack-of-understanding may be because they don’t see the value of a photograph.

We all have those snapshots from our childhood that bring back the memories of a simple time in our lives, memories of happiness, joy or excitement and thrill. Depending on your age, the camera many of those snapshots were taken with wasn’t very expensive so the argument about using expensive camera gear to capture those photographs isn’t a factor here.

I get that there is a possibility that you don’t like the photograph. If it’s not your favorite pose or you are making a funny face or for whatever reason you just don’t like the photograph, I have no problem with you not liking a photograph, and therefore not being interested in purchasing it. I can understand that reasoning, and can not disagree with someone’s aesthetic judgment.

Read more about the value of a photograph by clicking on the more link below.

In most cases I am going to have a biased opinion on the value of the photograph, after all if I didn’t think it was an excellent photograph I would not have presented. I’m not going to show you photographs that I produced that are sub-standard quality.

If the reasons behind your decision to not purchase a photograph are based on cost, I would ask you to consider the long-term value in that photograph. In 20 years when you have kids of your own and want to tell them stories about all the great things you achieved when you were younger wouldn’t it be nice to show them some really nice photos of you, doing something you loved?

Think about the memories that will come flooding back when 10 or 20 years later you look back at those photos and remember how good you were, or what it was like before you became a famous sports star? When behind the music, or behind the Olympic Gold Medal wants to do a back-story piece on you, you will have all these great photos to provide them. Of course they will have to pay me licensing fees to use my copyrighted photos, but at least those photos will be available rather than having nothing but faded memories.

You may not continue playing sports beyond high school or college because of your bad knees or job, family and kids or for whatever reason, so those photographs are your only link to your glorious past. You don’t want to be that person that remembers all those great photos that someone took but you never purchased photographic prints so now you don’t know who to contact, or even where to start looking for those old photos.

If you tell me I charge too much for my prints, I’m going to ask you how much you paid for that carbon fiber and titanium bike, wearing those three hundred-dollar shoes, and I don’t even know where to begin in trying to explain the value of a photograph to you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t value your memories, if fact I put more value on your memories that you do because I can see the value in photographs of your memories, and go out of my way to produce the kind of photographs that can bring you years of enjoyment and memories.

What do you think about the value of photograph?


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