Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – April 15-17, 2011 Speedworld Off Road Park, Surprise Arizona

Holly cow, that’s a long title. I’ve got a bunch of Motorsports posts and a few different events to catch my viewers up on so let me start with some Lucas Oil Off Road racing from Surprise Arizona. Speedworld Off Road Park in Surprise Arizona hosted rounds 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series (LOORS) and this was the first time covering an event at this track. A great facility with an interesting and exciting track as well a lots of great shooting positions. I spent the weekend trying out different shooting positions and angles for the best light, cleanest backgrounds and best shots. I’m still working the bugs out of shooting at this track but here is a sampling of the images I captured during Friday’s practice and Saturday’s round 3 action.

Friday’s mid-morning practice session had me shooting through the fence and in harsh-bright-sunlight so I tried some cross-processing on this shot of Brian Deegan (38) putting the power down.

See more dirt-slinging action photos by clicking on the more link below.

I had some success with panning shots from the last Lucas Oil Off Road race I covered so I spent a good deal of time capturing those type of shots.

There are a lot of very talented photographers at these events so for some stuff I tried to “think outside the box” and get some different perspectives because I didn’t want all my shots to look the same as the other photographer’s. I don’t know if I succeeded or not, but at least I tried some different things.

There is a mogul section on the track and I wanted to get some shots of the trucks and buggies “dancing” through but I was having a difficult time with the backgrounds and getting the shots I was seeing in my mind.

I tried to get some good podium shots of the truck winners like this one of Rick Huseman.

Rick Huseman seemed to have one of the fastest Toyota trucks on the track all weekend.

This podium shot is from the Lucas Oil Off Road Race I covered last year at Firebird Raceway in Chandler.

I tried shooting real tight to eliminate the distracting background with this buggy shot from the mogul section of the Speedworld track.

I spent some time shooting the buggy class and captured several interesting panning shots like this one of Justin Smith ripping through a turn.

I kept coming back to the mogul section of the track for shots trying to find the perfect capture.

I felt like I was getting some really nice panning shots of many of the trucks drifting through the corner.

I wanted to add some of the driver shots I got from the first race I covered rather than just post a bunch of trucks-on-track shots.

I tried to mix up the types of shots and the shutter speed I was using for different looks to my images, some worked out better than others. I liked this shot of Carl Renezeder leading a group of trucks out of the turn.

Some of my panning shots came out better than others, and many of these shots don’t really have the impact at this small size, a big poster of wall-sized print really makes these shots “pop.”

Another shot from the archives of the first race I covered, this one of Travis Coyne waiting for the start of the race.

This was one of my favorite panning shots from the Firebird race that I covered, I think the shutter speed is rather slow for a panning shot, yea for me.


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