MORE Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – April 16, 2011 Speedworld Off Road Park, Surprise Arizona

I shot a fair amount of video with my camera over that weekend of racing and I think mixing the two tasks – shooting video clips, and capturing still images – had me a bit distracted, so I don’t think some of my results were at the level I would expect. I guess I will have to either divide my time up and only shoot video on one day and only shoot stills on another day, or just stick to stills, but I do enjoy learning new aspects of video image capture and some of the video I got is really cool.

I’ll have to show some of the video later, but for now here are a few shots to check out from my weekend of dirt-slinging racing action.

I just loved the lighting and all the dirt flying everywhere in this shot of Marty Hart lifting the inside tire in the full-power drift.

To see more dirt-slinging action click the more link below.

Another nice full-power drift shot, this time of Carl Renezeder in the Lucas Oil Pro 4 Unlimited Ford.

I really wasn’t getting the angle I wanted of buggies and trucks “dancing” through the mogul section because of all the distracting background elements but every once in a while the dust would kick up enough to help make the backgrounds a bit less distracting and when that happened I wanted to grab a few frames like this one of Greg Crew in Unlimited Buggy.

I couldn’t seem to get the clean-background shots of any of the racers flying through the air off the jumps either because of all the RV’s, fences and just plain cluttered backgrounds so when enough dust kicked up I made sure to grab a few frames like this one of Bryce Menzies in his Red Bull truck.

The buggy classes don’t seem to be as popular as the truck classes with spectators, maybe it’s because the aren’t as fast or don’t make as much noise, but there is still a lot of excitement when they are on track. In this shot Joe Masek is looking like he is about to cart-wheel his Pro Buggy when he hits a rough spot in the middle of the corner. In the next few frames Joe just stomped on the gas and pulled his Buggy through the corner.

The Super Lite class puts all the drivers in matched trucks for some exciting racing. In this shot Jessie Johnson flies through the moguls with body panels flappin’ now that has got to make seeing where you are going just a bit difficult.

Carl Renezeder kicks up a good roost in his Pro 2 truck while drifting it through a turn.

Another great afternoon lighting shot, this time of Marty Hart (15) and Rob McCahren (1) fighting for the lead. Marty Hart would suffer damage to his front end during the last few laps and last years No. 1 plate holder Rob McCahren would take the win in round 3 racing.


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