Arena Football, a few season favorites

Arena football is a very fast-paced exciting game. The fans get a real up-close view of the action and almost any seat in the house is like a sideline pass to some great football action, yet arena football is not as popular as it could be. I wonder if Getty Images or U.S. Presswire carried some images from the game or more images appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine or other national sports magazines, it would be just a little bit more popular?

Watching the Utah Blaze QB Tommy Grady (10) drop back to pass with all the offensive and defensive linemen around him is classic arena football action at it’s best.

To see more arena football action images, click the more link below.

One of my favorite images from the Chicago Rush at Arizona Rattlers match-up. This is proof that “shooting through the play” can yield images that tell a story and bring the game to the fans.

Images of fan favorites like Arizona Rattlers Quarterback Nick Davila in action bring the action and excitement home for the fans and this image would make a great banner to hang in front of the arena on game nights.

Lots of play-action passing and high-scoring games keep the fans guessing when the next big play is going to break the game wide open.

You can’t forget the beautiful and sexy Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Dancers are always there to spice things up between game action.

Capturing the human side of the game is not always easy, but if I get a chance to capture those moments, I try my best to show that human side in my images.

Standing in the huddle next to the players is fun, too bad I don’t really get to capture the game from a player’s perspective. For now you will have to make do with my images that only make you think you are right there in the huddle.

I love the grit and texture of nice tight sports portraits and some games are better than others for capturing them.

Getting a good face with eyes shot while the player’s are wearing helmets is often very challenging, every once in a while I manage to capture a good shot with eyes.

It’s not often that I get a good shot of the coach like this one of Chicago Rush Head Coach Bob McMillen talking to a player, it is that reason alone that this shot is one of my favorites.

Sometimes the best shots are captured during the player introductions and pre-game ceremonies like this shot of Arizona Rattler Marcus Pittman (70) in the center of the image with his hair flying all over.

For some reason I seem to be fascinated with players with dreadlocks and always look to capture images of those players.

A lot of the time during the game you end up on the wrong end of the field and can only get shots of guys backs, that’s a bad thing. If it turns out that the quarterback has to scramble out of the pocket to avoid a sack, well that’s a good thing, and there might be a chance to grab a few nice images of that.

Most of the time the backgrounds of these type of shots is very distracting and that can make the shot useless, but if the fans on the sidelines and the referee in the shot add context to the shot, well than it becomes a usable shot.

It’s too bad I wasn’t smart enough to stop down my lens enough to bring the Arizona Rattlers Head Coach Kevin Guy (blurry guy in black in background) into focus with Arizona Rattlers quarterback Nick Davila in the foreground as he drops back to pass.

Another one of those – bring you right into the huddle with Arizona Rattlers quarterback Nick Davila – shots that I love so much.

I know last season there was a guy who’s only job was to take pictures of the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Dancers, man what a tough job that must have been. This season there isn’t anyone covering those duties. I wonder if they need someone for that job?

I keep saying how the fans are excited and having fun, well here is proof.

I’ve tried really, really hard to make nice mid-field captures with very little success, here is one that I’m OK with because the background is not overly cluttered and distracting.

For some reason the great of two players going up for that pass, all stretched out in the air has eluded me with Arena Football, this is about as close as I got to capturing that images.

As mentioned above, sometimes the best images are captured during the player introductions and pre-game ceremonies, like this shot of Arizona Rattlers Odie Armstrong (32) and the rest of the Rattlers team.

I know I can find that perfect image from the presentation of the flags for the National Anthem, I just need to look at things from 47 different angles.

When “Fang” the mascot for the Arizona Rattlers takes the field and begins the introductions you know that’s where the excitement begins.

I guess I’m a typical American male and can’t help but be distracted by the sexy Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Dancers.

Let’s get back to some game action, quarterback scrambling to avoid a sack, big sweaty guys chasing you so you run for your live type of action.

Oh, wait, what, over there is a bunch of cheerleaders all shaking their things and jumping around to loud music . . .

Yea, buddy now that’s how you show emotion for grabbing the return of an on-side kick.

Trandon Harvey (23) has been injured for a few weeks now and I hope he can get back to 100% and play with the team all the way to a championship.

Not sure why you would need all this face-black to prevent reflections from above at an Arena Football game, but hey it look really cool anyway.

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