Fashion photography with natural light

I wanted to post something that wasn’t football because it seems football is the biggest thing I am working on this time of year.

I have been spending some of the time between covering football games working on fashion and product photography so I thought I would post up some images for you to enjoy.

I had the opportunity to work with this very beautiful young model recently. She was a lot of fun to work with, unfortunately we picked one of the hottest days of the year to tackle this shoot.

I had some new light modifiers for my studio lights and was anxious to try then out. I couldn’t find a functioning portable power source for this shoot, so I had to resort to working with natural light and a simple Canon 580EX II without any modifiers.

I really enjoyed working with this new model, she is very attractive and has a nice wholesome look that would be perfect for catalog and print projects.

Click on the more link below to see the rest of the story of my session with this beautiful model.

I believe many of the images we produced together are useful commercial image, however I wish my location lighting equipment would have worked out. I have now purchased a battery power supply for location work.

I liked the feel of the images we got at this location and would not hesitate to work there again.

I’m not thrilled with this image where I was shooting directly into the sun, but the model’s expression is what makes the shot for me.

I think this model will have a bright future ahead of her provided she is able to get good representation and a solid book.

I added a bit of vignette and some processing on this shot and it turned out to be one of my favorites from the session.

Even off-camera the light from a bare flash is not the best, but it was getting dark fast and I managed a grab a few usable frames after the sun went down.

Some of the images I shot have a little bit of a senior portrait look to them, and that is as intended.

I know I should work with the models to get them to relax at the start, but I always forget and wait until the end to do the silly stuff. It’s still fun, even at the end.

I really needed my medium soft box for this image, but a bare 580EX II was all I had. The bare flash provides hard to work with harsh light but is good practice for one-light situations.

Some nice head shot type of images.

A great smile and those beautiful long legs will take this model anywhere she wants to go.

I hope to work with this model again when the weather is much cooler.


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