A word about the images you see on this blog

Actually it’s two words, Intellectual Property. Yes, the images you find here on my blog are my intellectual property or creative works of art I have produced. I have used my camera to bring my creative vision to my photographs and have displayed them here for you to view. When I say ‘view’ I don’t mean take, download, copy, make copies of, or use in any other way besides viewing my images on this blog. You may not post images to Facebook, alter the images by cropping out my watermark and use as your social media profile picture, add the images to your phone, pin them on Pinterest, post them on your blog or use them in your YouTube video.

Sad but true, if you found my blog through a Google image search you still can’t use my images for any reason unless you have my permission. Just because an image from this blog showed up on your internet image search doesn’t mean it is free for you to take and use however you would like. Nope, sorry that’s not how it works.

“But the picture is of me, so you should just give it to me” um yeah . . .  No, wrong, incorrect however you want to say it, taking and using an image from my blog in an infringement of my intellectual property rights, and it’s against the law.

What all that means is that if I take a photo of your son at a high school baseball game and post it on my blog, it’s not yours for the taking, that goes for the player as well. If you see a picture of yourself on my blog that doesn’t mean you should take that picture and put it on your phone or Facebook.

To read more information why you shouldn’t take the pictures from my blog click the more link below:

Let’s say you come across my blog because you are looking for cool picture of Native American Pow Wow dancers, well those images are also my intellectual property and can not be used without my permission. “But, hey I left your watermark on there and gave you credit as the photographer” sorry, that is still copyright infringement and is not the best way to get me to produce the images of your son’s football game or your daughter dancing at the Pow Wow.

Intellectual Property laws are very confusing and I don’t understand all the details myself, but I do know that taking my photos or using the images that someone else has produced is a violation of copyright laws.

So, if you found this blog because you were looking for images to use on your personal blog, website or Facebook page, this isn’t the place to find images and I can not help you. If you are looking for information on the licensing of the images you see on this blog, well I can help you with that. For information on licensing my photos for use please contact me at azalphadogphoto@cox.net.

Thank you for your support.

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