Into everyone’s life a little baseball must fall

I wasn’t sure what to title this post, it was either the above title or Argh, there be pirates here matey.

Well, Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates that is.

It’s a rare thing when the weather is nice enough to open the roof of the baseball stadium for a day game and when it happens, as a photographer you tend to get a bit giddy and go all shot-crazy. The lighting can be a bit harsh and exposing for the highlights and the shadows can be a real challenge but having some natural light in a place where most of the season is played in a covered stadium is enough to make even the most experienced photographer’s heads explode.

To see more baseball images click the continue reading link below.

Having the bright sunlight on the player and the background in the shadows will make you capture images of players just standing there looking at another player. When the roof is closed an image like this doesn’t seem to have much interest, but when the roof is open and the sunlight is bouncing around in there all bets are off.

There are times when you find yourself just shooting images of the lighting rather than images of the game and on a rare occasion you can get a bit of both in your image.

The action of the game takes a back seat to the beautiful color and shade of the natural sunlight flooding into the stadium.

It doesn’t happen often enough and I’m sure there are volumes of information on how to take advantage of this great opportunity that I am not privy to, but none the less I forge ahead and hope I can gain a small bit of insight into the magic that is open-roof day games at Chase Field.

One of the Diamondbacks pitchers, Brad Ziegler has this great side-arm delivery and I wanted to capture it in the light but struggled to make just the right frame.

I kept trying to capture the essence of his style in a still images, and I’m sure standing at the plate would be a bit intimidating watching his pitches come at you, but it is a bit difficult to show in a still photograph. His style is great to watch, maybe what I need is an in-camera multiple exposure to really display it in all it’s glory.

One of the big stars on the field is Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen and I wanted to capture his game-day face.

Even though shots of the pitcher just standing there looking for the sign from his catcher are not that exciting, because of the lighting I just couldn’t help myself.

Still looking for that perfect shot of Ziegler . . .

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