NASCAR Sprint Cup — 6,000 gallons of race fuel and 6 guys trying to change tires in ten seconds

Six guys over the wall trying to change tires, make suspension adjustments and put race fuel in the car, what could possible go wrong?

There is a lot of action on pit road during a NASCAR Sprint Cup race, there is also action on the track.

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Sometimes it’s not about the cars on track, but about the drivers on pit road before the start of the race.

Mark Martin put his Aaron’s Lucky Dog car on the pole for the race.

Brad Keselowski’s Miller Lite Dodge pit crew stand for the National Anthem.

One of Denny Hamlin’s FedEx crew members was sporting these really cool mirrored Oakley glasses and I liked the reflections in them.

Ryan Newman on pit road before the race.

Juan Pablo Montoya before the race.

Details of Tony “Smoke” Stewart’s helmet before the race.

How about some action from pit road during the race, Jeff Burton’s crew goes to work.

Joey Logano’s No. 20 Home Depot crew changes 4 tires and adds fuel.

Clint Bowyer gets a splash of fuel during the race.

Clint Bowyer was having some tire issues and had to come in the pits several times in a row, not having the best day.

There were a lot of photographers hanging out around Tony Stewart’s pit waiting for just the right shot.

I felt like I was having better luck getting good pit stop shots over at the Juan Pablo Montoya pits.

A simple thing like getting a little bit lower made my shots look better.

I was also trying to work with the Jeff Gordon pit shots, but his “Drive for Hunger” car doesn’t seem to “pop” in pictures.

Maybe I should pay attention to what is happening out on the track.

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