Landscape photography composition study

I wouldn’t call myself an expert at landscape photography, or any other type of photography for that matter, but when it comes to landscape photography I haven’t done as much work as I really should to feel comfortable making nice photos in a lot of different environments so I took advantage of a little trip to get in a bit of landscape composition practice.

Staying in Moab Utah made a little trip to Arches National Park the perfect spot for a short afternoon hike and some landscape composition practice. First order of business, lead the viewer into the photo and make them want to walk around in your photo.

To see more images from my landscape composition study, click the continue reading link below.

Use leading lines, balance and points of interest to accomplish this goal of pulling the viewer into the photo.

Show some texture and detail to make the viewer feel as if they are with you at the location.

Also on the list, play with the light and shadows.

There were cool looking clouds in the sky so I wanted to incorporate some shots with a bit more sky like in this shot.

This formation is called the three gossips but I wanted to include a foreground element to give the sense of depth.

Another ultra wide shot with lots of sky and balance across the image.

Going back to the details shot with this one to give the viewer the feeling of the desert and plant life in the area.

The trail leading through the image shot can be a good photo to take the viewer on the path into the image.

How about some foreground elements to add interest to the photo like with this example.

Big rocks and the three gossips to add some scale to the image.

The sand dune in the foreground gives this photo some texture and interest.

Another foreground element to give some texture and scale to this photo of the three gossips.

Just filling the frame can be a suitable method of bringing the scale of things to the viewer.

One last sand dune shot to finish off this post.

Take some time to leave me some comments and tell me how you think I did with this landscape composition study. I hope you enjoyed this little walk in Arches National Park.


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