Sir Mixalot says, “I like big prints, and I can not lie”

I know most photographers these days don’t make photographic prints from their images, let alone large or oversize prints and I don’t really understand photographers not making oversize prints. Today’s digital cameras show you the image you captured right on the LCD screen on the back of the camera immediately after you click the shutter, and for many photographers, the back of the camera and a home computer is about as far as their images ever go. Sure there are all kinds of reasons to never make prints from your images, and some of those reasons are valid, however many of those reasons are just an excuse to save money, or a lack of confidence in your own photographic skills. Once that image from your camera is on your computer you can easily send it to family members, post it to social media like Facebook or Google + or some internet website where millions of people all over the world can see it and enjoy it, so why would you ever need to pay to have prints made or even go to the trouble and expense to print them in your own home?

Large photographic prints have so much more impact than looking at your images on your iPad or a small computer screen, and for many people the normal thing is to have a stack of 4 x 6 inch snapshots from the family vacation or when everyone got together last Christmas. It used to be you had those little packets with the fold over flap than contained the 4 x 6 inch prints or even sometimes double prints so you could share a set with your family and the thought of printing out something at 8 x 10 inches was either expensive or you just didn’t thing the photos were good enough to go to the trouble, well those days are gone.

Doug James Photography — large prints

I know it’s hard to get a sense of just how clear, sharp and bright these big prints are by showing a tiny photo of a photo on the internet, so let me just say that having one of these framed and hanging in your home can really be a treat for you and your family.

To see more examples of big prints and why I like them so much click the continue reading button below.

Doug James Photography — large prints

The cost for these prints is really not that great compared to the pride and joy you can share with everyone who visits your home and the enjoyment you will get every time you walk by these large prints hanging in your home or office. If you have one of these hanging on the wall of your office I’m sure all your coworkers would be impressed.

Doug James Photography — large prints

Now I’d love to see all the parents of the youth sports images I’ve shot come to me and purchase large prints, but I know that just isn’t going to happen so on the other side of the equation is me encouraging other photographers to make large prints of their own images.

Learn to see your images as large prints in a gallery or hanging in your own home or place of business, everybody knows professional photographers always have all these great photos printed and hanging all over their studio, right? Even if you don’t have a studio, you should turn your home into a mini gallery showing for your own personal enjoyment. Who knows, you might even get to like seeing your images printed large and framed.

Doug James Photography — large prints

Seeing your images printed large enough to give those images some real impact can really help you understand how to continue to make the kinds of images that really pull the viewer into the image and make the view want to see more, even if the viewer is you, the photographer.

Doug James Photography — large prints

All the images I use for this post were printed at 12 x 18 inches and really look nice printed that large, however I am a very “graphic” person so I would love to see some of my images large enough to take up an entire wall, larger than life, billboard sized images can really make a statement in your home, the trouble is picking just the right image to use.

Doug James Photography — large prints

It’s almost like getting a tattoo, the expense of getting a 5 or 6 foot wide print and having it framed could cost several hundred dollars so you would want to make sure to pick an image you can be happy looking at for several years. That seems to be the difficult task in the process, choosing which image to showcase.

Doug James Photography — large prints

Nothing looks cooler than a life-sized nitro-funny car hanging on your wall, but my wife might not agree with my interior decorating decisions on that so maybe if I print a nice landscape or something.

Doug James Photography — large prints

In the end, I gotta say that large prints are a joy, they really bring some impact to your images and can make your home a gallery you want to visit day in and day out.

I know you will all go out and get some large prints made and I hope this post helps inspire you to display your photographs printed large for everyone, including yourself to enjoy.


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