2012 Tour de Scottsdale bicycle race — First Set

First let me say that these images have big watermarks on them, the reason for this is image theft. Yes, I used the word theft as in stealing something you are not supposed to steal. There are some individuals who don’t believe they should pay to license images or purchase prints, and for some odd reason road cyclists seem to think either because of their status or just some other reason that they are immune to copyright laws. The only other group that steal more images from the internet are high school age kids.

OK, now that is out-of-the-way let’s get down to business. I am selling prints to help pay for the cost of the fancy cameras, my photography skills and the time and effort to cover these type of events. If you think I should give you photos from this event for any reason, including you were just diagnosed with some incurable disease and you only have 3 days to live, well I’m sorry but you can find more information on purchasing prints here: Request Prints.

If you would like to see and inquire about prints from the 2009 and 2010 Tour de Scottsdale you can find those here: 2009 Tour, and 2010 Tour 1, and 2010 Tour 2.

Ref. 1067

To see the rest of the set, click the continue reading button below

ref. 0017

ref. 1115

ref. 1040

ref. 1034

That one is for the Scottsdale PD Motorcycle officer who led the riders.

ref. 1047

ref. 0040

ref. 0033

ref. 0024

ref. 0104

ref. 0106

ref. 0095

ref. 1057

ref. 1058

ref. 1111


2 thoughts on “2012 Tour de Scottsdale bicycle race — First Set

    • I couldn’t agree more. For this set, it has been my experience that although these guys ride bikes costing in excess of $4K the thought of paying $20 for a print is outrageous, hence the low resolution and big watermarks.

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