2012 Phoenix Fashion Week — Fashionably Pink Celebrity Fashion Show

In the past this part of the Phoenix Fashion Week shows has been very difficult to photograph, the quality of light is very poor, there is no traditional runway and, for the most part the models are local celebrities rather than traditional runway models, and this year it was no different. Given the lighting conditions in the past, my expectations for this show, as far as getting reasonable photographs were very low, so I set my sights on shooting mostly video clips for the evening. The process of shooting video clips of this show were difficult with the configuration of the so-called runway so after a while I just grabbed a few frames for the fun of it. Here is what I got.

This local television news personality seemed to enjoy the runway walk.

To see more of the Fashionably Pink Celebrity Fashion Show click the continue reading link below.

She was better than most at giving a pose and pausing for the photographers whereas some of the celebrities would just stop for less than second and turn away to the rest of the crowd.

Some of the fashions were well done but the presentation and environment didn’t lend themselves to showing them very well.

Having to really push the power of my flash and keep my ISO high to try to mix the flash and ambient light just didn’t feel like it would result in usable images so to be honest I wasn’t trying very hard and mostly just grabbing snap-shots for the fun and amusement of the night.

There were a few celebrities that seemed to be enjoying themselves and their fun and excitement showed in the way they performed.

At least the local celebrities were enjoying themselves, and I hope the audience found the show fun. As a photographer this show is a difficult one to cover and that means there aren’t many good images to promote the show for next year, but that is a story for another day.

Give a guy a pink tie and call it fashion . . .

Arizona State Sun Devils basketball coach Herb Sendek walks the runway for a good cause.

And so ends another difficult to photograph Fashionably Pink show, maybe next year I’ll take even less photos.


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