2012 Phoenix Fashion Week Runway Shows from Talking Stick Resort

“How about some more images from the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week Runway Shows at Talking Stick Resort you say.” Well here are some more of my images from the Thursday night runway shows, but first I want to talk about the value of these images — Zero, Nada, Nothing, Zip, Not One Thin Dime, A Big Fat Goose Egg. The reason for this lack-of-value is because they are not unique, or special in any way and the fact that there were at least two dozen other photographers there on the riser around me as well as several guys and girls shooting hi-def video with most, if not all of them willing to give away their images and video footage for FREE. So, I can’t for the life of me figure out why the nice folks at Phoenix Fashion Week would even consider paying a photographer to license his or her images when almost every image of almost every designer’s clothing is available from any one of several photographers for free.

I know before the lights come up that there isn’t much value in covering runway fashion shows, but yet I still enjoy doing it for some odd reason and as long at I am allowed to cover these shows I will continue to do so. Sure some day I would like to be paid to cover a New York Fashion Week runway show, or gasp . . . travel to Paris France to cover an event associated with the Paris Fashion Week, but sadly I’m sure that’s never going to happen. In the mean time I’ll keep working to improve my runway fashion photography and continue to have fun doing it.

At least they are using a nice raised runway with a decent reflective surface to help with the lighting, I shot all of the Thursday shows using only ambient, i.e. no flash.

To see more of the runway fashion shows, click the continue reading link below.

I spent most of the night shooting video and didn’t really spend very much time shooting still images.

I spent most of little time shooting stills trying to get that classic runway shot, some are much better than others and dealing with the changing color temperature of the lights was a bit of a challenge for the post-processing of the images.

And so ends another interesting night of runway fashion photography, let me know what you think in the comments section and thanks again reading along.

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