2012 Scottsdale Polo Championships – Horses and Horsepower

I have never attended an actual polo match before, except for the polo scenes in the movie “Pretty Woman” so when I heard about this event to be held on October 20, 2012 at the Scottsdale Polo Fields I made the necessary inquires for a media credential. What a great event, all kinds of interesting things to photograph, although covering the actual polo match proved to be difficult and would require very long glass with very shallow depth-of-field to help with very, very distracting backgrounds. I didn’t feel like lugging big heavy glass around with me on a warm day in October, so I took an f5.6 lens which didn’t cut the mustard as they say.

I was a bit disappointed with most of what I got, with the difficult lighting conditions and me not having a long enough and fast enough lens I tried to capture some reasonably good images. Have a look and feel free to let me know how you think I did.


Covering a polo match is, as I said is all new to me, I sure had a good time and found the event very interesting. I look forward to the next event where I can apply what I learned at this event and try to capture more compelling images.

To see more images from the 2012 Scottsdale Polo Championships, click the continue reading link below:


There were a lot of “beautiful people” there with high-end drink and smoke. Overall it looked like a very posh party.


Lots of ladies in hats.


The traditional stomping of the divots between matches.


Celebrity polo player, and all-around hansom guy Nick Roldan was there to make the ladies happy.


There were a few interesting cars there for your viewing pleasure as well.


And of course there were a few exciting polo matches mixed in to boot.


Fancy polo trophies to be won.


More ladies in big hats.


Polo mallets and polo helmets, with a riding crop, oh my.


Some fantastic looking polo ponies to top it all off. A busy day in the sun, and a very interesting event. I can’t wait until next years polo event.


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