Reasons I am not keeping current with this photo blog

I haven’t been keeping up with this photo blog over the past several months. There are a number of reasons for my lack of interest in continuing to post photos and stories to this blog, not the least of which is the changes to how images are indexed and linked through the Google search engine.

In the past when someone searched for images via Google, clicking on the results would take the user directly to the page the image was presented on. Now when a user searches images on Google and clicks on the results, only the image is presented with small secondary links to visit the original page the images are presented on.

This change has made it so much easier for folks to search images, get results and never know where the images originated.

Just being able to search and find images without being linked back to the original creator can lead potential users of those images to infringe on the creator’s intellectual property rights.

Wow, those are some big words there.

If users search for pictures of kitty cats being cute, or some other random pictures on the Internet and they intend to use those images without the original creators permission, well that is a copyright violation.

Unfortunately, a large number of people just think all photos found the Internet are free for their use, and nothing could be further from the truth.

That is just one reason I haven’t been keeping up with this photo blog.

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