The Arizona State University Sun Devils Final 2012 Regular Season Home Game

Everyone seemed excited for the Arizona State University Sun Devils football final regular season home game on November 17, 2012. I was excited because it would be a day game and I would get to create images in the beautiful sunlight rather than the typical night game, high ISO of most of the ASU games I cover. This was the game when the Sun Devils would celebrate the graduating seniors on the team so a great many of the players had several family members either in the stands or on the sidelines.

You could almost feel the excitement in the air as the teams took the field, and for many of the players, the last time they would play in front of the home crowd.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Washington State at Arizona State

17 November 2012: Arizona State Sun Devils QB Michael Eubank (18) drops back to pass during the Pac-12 conference match-up between the Washington State Cougars and the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

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NCAA College Football — Utah Utes vs Arizona State University Sun Devils Sept. 22, 2012

I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my football images these days, college football season is finished, all the college bowl games have been played and the BCS champions have been crowned, and yet I’m still posting images from a late September game. Yep, that’s right I am. I thought you might enjoy a few images from this game although I feel bad for the Utah Utes because it was a bit of a rough game for them.

I’ll let the images tell the story.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 22 Utah at Arizona State

I got a new lens, yeah for me. I spent most of the time during warm-ups before the game playing with my new wide-angle lens and I gotta say I’m liking the images I have created with it.

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2012 Fun in the sun — UCLA Bruins vs ASU Sun Devils

All year the photographers that cover sports here in Arizona hope and pray for the sun drench day games when the year’s ASU football schedule is released, and when it is released we review it with nervous anticipation in hopes that there will be at least one, and if we are lucky two games that don’t take place at night under the lights.

All around the world great sports photography is produced where golden sunlight and beautiful color is the norm, but due to the summer time temps here in Arizona most of our sports photography is at night or indoors, and that can make capturing the kinds of images that make it into printed magazines a challenge. With so many of the sporting events taking place at night you can’t rely on that golden sunlight to give your images that extra “pop.”

It turned out this year’s game against the blue and gold of the UCLA Bruins was going to be a day game and, I for one was very excited for the day-game opportunity.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 27 UCLA at Arizona State

The light before the game on the Sun Devils marching band looked fantastic as it bounced all around the stadium.

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Lucas Oil Off Road Series — 2012 Drivers and a buggy or two

For the 2012 season of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series racing (LOORS) I tried to mix it up a bit with my images and I found some personal gratification from producing images of some drivers in their trucks. The way the screening and window net as well as the dash configuration sometimes made fitting my wide-angle lens between everything difficult so not every driver is represented and some shots just came out better than others. Here are a few that I liked:


Todd LeDuc gives me the eye as I grab images through the window net.

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NCAA College Football – Oct. 18, 2012 University of Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona State Sun Devils

I am excited to see the Oregon Ducks play in this year’s Fiesta Bowl so I went back for a little look at the images I captured when the Ducks came calling on the Arizona State Sun Devils

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 18 Oregon at Arizona State

18 October 2012: Sidelines are reflected in the helmet of University of Oregon Ducks CB Terrance Mitchell (27) prior to the start of the Pac-12 conference match-up between the Oregon Ducks and the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

First off the Ducks had these really cool helmets that would make all kinds of great reflection images so I had to try to take advantage of that opportunity.

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Hawaii, on the big island you must stay

When I travel my primary focus is photography (no pun intended), but for many people photography is almost an after-thought when they travel. I don’t really understand the mindset of someone who takes random snapshots in the middle of the day while visiting some of the most amazing locations around the world. I have traveled many times to a location for the specific purpose of making photographs, and when I say “making photographs” I’m not talking about “taking pictures” or “grabbing a few snapshots” what I’m talking about is the very deliberate act of getting up before sunrise to make sure to be at a location for the sunrise light or arriving at your shooting location hours before sunset to allow yourself time to set up your tripod and plan out some images you are interested in capturing.

For me the joys of carefully crafting beautiful photographs is a challenge to my “creative self” and has a degree of therapy to it that helps feed the never-ending drive to exercise my “creative” muscles.

Hawaii seems like just the place to push my photographic skill set because I currently live in a desert environment and tropical beaches and rainforests are just about polar opposites from what I am familiar with.


There were certain iconic shots I was specifically looking for on this trip and much to my dismay mother nature would not always reward me with perfect blue skies and golden sunlight. I think one of the challenges of travel photography is being able to “find your shot” even when the skies are cloudy and grey, or when the “shot” you envisioned in your head just doesn’t present itself.

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NCAA College Football – Aug. 30, 2012 NAU at ASU

There are some general guidelines on how to photograph college football, but sometimes you just need to be lucky.

I know, I know nobody likes to read too much text so I’ll use fewer words and more images for everyone out there with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Also, just so you know, NAU is Northern Arizona University, and they are the Lumberjacks and ASU is Arizona State University and they are the Sun Devils.

NCAA FOOTBALL: AUG 30 Northern Arizona at Arizona State

30 August 2012: Arizona State Sun Devils WR Rashad Ross (15) completes a 50 yard reception against the NAU Lumberjacks during the PAC-12 season opener at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

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