Major League Baseball, my late season heroes and villains

As Major League Baseball heads into the post-season, and I put down my final thoughts from the 2012 regular season games, I’ll take a look back at the last few games I covered and why a few teams, players and coaches are either heroes or villains in my book.

Ah hell, who am I kidding, I am entirely convinced no one actually reads my blog, they just look at the pictures. I’d say most people’s attention span is so short that if there are more than a few sentences most people just tune out and move on. At any rate most of my visitors come from Google Image Search anyway, and I assume they are just looking free photos so who cares what I write about in this blog post anyway.

I don’t understand how someone can post six random lines of text and a stolen photo from Flickr and get 135 “likes” whereas I can spend hours writing what I think is very well thought out information and post more than ten unique photos that I captured and get two “likes” and one of those is from some “online Viagra pills” spammer . . .

Oh well, on with the photos.

Cincinnati Reds Manager Dusty Baker: Hero

Dusty Baker used to be with the San Francisco Giants and I was always a Giants fan, and to top it off he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

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2012 MLB Spring Training from Arizona

Baseball is almost a religion for a great many people, and I’m sorry but I just don’t understand it. There, I said it. I just don’t get it. Sure I love baseball, I just don’t make it my religion.

As a kid growing up in Oakland California I can remember a nice old man who lived next door who would sit in his backyard during those warm summer days and listen to the Oakland Athletics baseball games on the radio. I would hear the sounds of the game on the radio drifting over the fence and when I am covering a spring training game I am reminded of my childhood and the warm summer days hearing A’s baseball on the radio.

I love to cover spring training games because the atmosphere is so relaxed and both the fans and the players just seem to be having fun. You also get to see the young upstart players and the iconic players get out there and enjoy the game of baseball before the long season begins.

Let’s start the show with some pitcher images.

MAR 14 2012: San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson (38) on the mound during a MLB Spring Training game against the Cleveland Indians at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Brian ‘fear the beard’ Wilson takes the mound during a San Francisco Giants game.

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MLB – Chasing the light, the heart of darkness and trying to improve my baseball photography

Photographing Major League Baseball in Phoenix can be a bit of a challenge, you only get a few “hat trick” games per season. What I mean by “hat trick” is a day game, with the roof of our stadium open and the home team in their red uniforms. More often than not our games start at 6:40 PM and the roof is closed which can put you at 2000 and up for ISO, and that doesn’t always make the best images.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining, just that capturing good clean images that photo buyers are looking for can be a bit of a challenge. I try to face those challenges head-on, but at times I am not up to the task. Every game and every team has a different personality to it and you try to do the best you can with the given conditions.

Here is a look at a few of my favorite images so far this season, and some of my epic fail shots as well. I’ll leave it up to you to determine which shots are winners and which shots are headed for the fail bin.

MLB: APR 27 Phillies at Diamondbacks

I liked this shot of Arizona Diamondbacks Justin Upton (10) at the plate because it was one of those rare “hat trick” games. I think I should have given this shot a little bit more head-room and the lighting is somewhat harsh, but overall I liked it because you get to see his eyes and the entire bat at the end of his follow-through.

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MLB Extra Innings, uh I mean extra images . . .

I haven’t been real excited about my skills shooting football lately so I thought I’d go back and take a look at some of the last few baseball games. Maybe get some inspiration back.

So, how about some baseball? I was having fun with my watermark on a few of these, I hope you like them.

MLB Baseball: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks

I love the reaction on San Francisco Giants Cody Ross (13) face as he reacts to being hit by a pitch at the plate. The expression on his face is what makes this image for me, sure it would be a better image if you could see the ball hitting his arm, but I just didn’t time it right and his expression and the ball are not in the same frame.

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What this blog needs is more Major League Baseball . . .

I don’t know if this blog needs more baseball or not, but I will post some baseball images because that is what I have been shooting these days. I’ve been shooting a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t fit into nice neat little categories so for this post I’ll offer up some baseball.

The local team in not doing so well in the standings and that means the fans haven’t been attending games, maybe this will help.

MLB: JUL 06 Cubs at Diamondbacks

06 July 2010: Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly (30) during warmup before a regular season game between the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The Cubs defeated the Diamondbacks 6-4 in 9 innings.

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Major League Baseball and Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona

I wanted to show my diversity and let you know that I enjoy shooting a large variety of different types of subjects. I love baseball, mostly because it is played at a different pace than most other sports and although it is a team sport the focus is always on an individual, like the pitcher, or batter or runner.

When you shoot a baseball game you can always count on needing to be at the ballpark at least two hours before the game, and most games are three-plus hours long, so you can expect a very long day.

With Chase Field if the roof is closed you will struggle with lighting issues, I don’t care how much f2.8 glass you bring you will be pushing the ISOs to get your shutter speeds high enough to stop the action, that is just the way it is and you know that before you even get to the ballpark.

Major League Baseball - Chase Field, Phoenix Arizona

Chase Field is a great facility and tons of fun to shoot there, at times a real challenge, but always fun.

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